Beauty and a Blockchain Blink: Fall 2021 Trends

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With an increasing number of people having chosen to stay at home over the last 18 months, makeup and fashion may have fallen by the wayside. After all, Zoom calls generally give you the option to shut off your camera, making it completely unnecessary to spend time putting on makeup or styling your hair. 

This change in daily routines was kind of awesome, at least at first. Just think of all that time that was likely saved by eliminating putting on makeup! However, more people are thinking about a return to an office outside the home. And even if you continue to work remotely, you may find that you are ready to ease yourself back into more regular makeup routines. 

As you think about putting on makeup once again, these beauty trends for the upcoming fall season will provide a little inspiration. 

Subtle Cat Eye

You’ve heard of the cat-eye style of eyeliner before, which is basically adding a noticeable wing or flick of liner on the outer corner of your eye. You may have even tried it a time or two (and discovered it can be rather difficult to get the eyeliner even for both eyes). 

This fall, try out a smaller version of the cat eye, known as the kitten eye, according to Harper’s Bazaar. It’s the perfect way to ease back into using eyeliner again if it’s been a while. Plus, those smaller wings or flicks on the outer corner of the eye mean any uneven applications of your liner won’t be quite so easy to spot. 

It’s All About the Lashes

Mascara is a quick way to brighten up your eyes, and it will still be a beauty staple this autumn. Harper’s Bazaar predicts that full, voluminous lashes are going to be a trend as we enter cooler weather.  

Just add a few extra coats of volumizing mascara and you’ll achieve on-trend eye makeup in a snap. This is also a lovely way to complement that more subtle kitten eye trend.

A Lot of Lip

If you really want to go all-out on makeup, reach for a bolder lip color this fall. Many people had to hide their pretty pouts behind a mask, so putting on lipstick was a waste. 

This fall, show off those beautiful pearly whites with fun lipstick in a red or berry hue. For something a bit more subtle, opt for a sheer balm or a lip gloss to tone down the pop of color. 

This bold lip trend will pair up nicely with the voluminous lash trend for a night out, or even on a day when you just need a little more color in your life. 

Full Eyebrows

This is one beauty trend that’s ultra-low maintenance. Show off the natural shape of your eyebrows by letting them grow in. Just pluck any stray hairs to clean them up a bit. It’s so great when makeup and beauty trends involve little to no work!

Beautiful Technology

Okay, this beauty-related trend isn’t exactly something you can add to your makeup bag. However, the use of blockchain technology is on the rise in the world of beauty and makeup. 

While blockchain is improving several areas in this industry, perhaps the most relevant way pertains to consumers who buy beauty products. There are some apps being developed, such as Cosmochain, that help individuals purchase makeup directly from the makers or distributors. It even has its own ‘virtual currency’ for taking payments.

Fall Beauty Trends

Whether you go all out and try each of these trends for fall or just pick one to start with, you can’t really go wrong. Blockchain seems to be facilitating easier purchasing options for makeup as well, which is shaping up to be a trend that lasts well past one season. 

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