How To Quit Your Job And Pursue Crypto Full-Time

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By Danielle Davis

If you were looking for an article on day trading, this is not the one for you. On the other hand, if you are hoping to learn how to get your foot in the door in the crypto space, you came to the right place.  

The methods below will not work for everyone. But if you are determined to find a way out of the monotonous 9-5 and into your office in the basement, this article will give you some great starting points. 

For starters, let’s discuss some of the entry-level jobs in this space. To get your foot in the door, you usually need to start at the bottom. That can be frustrating but considering how fast crypto moves, it could be a much shorter journey than it would be in the corporate world.  Here are some examples of entry-level jobs along with ways to get into them. 

Community Manager

Community Managers do a variety of tasks oriented around the community, a big surprise I know.  This person might be responsible for organizing the moderators, posting on social media (if there isn't a designated social media manager), organizing events that keep the community engaged, and keeping the community up to date about what is going on in the project. The best way to get a community manager position is to become an active member of the community that already exists. Often those chosen for these jobs come from within the existing user base.  So join in and be active.  


If you have any artistic talent, there is a LOT of work out there for you.  Logos, banners, website art, NFTs, posters, video editing, etc.  People will always need good artists.  Working with a project often gets artists way more traction than simply selling NFTs on their own.  They can then take their reputation with them to make more money from their art.  

You must insist on being named/credited for your work. Otherwise, it is not helping your reputation long term by working with them.  If you find a project that has a similar style to your own, get involved with the community, and simply offer to make stuff for them when opportunities arise.  You will be surprised how often a spur-of-the-moment idea needs some art.  For example, while I am not the best artist, I have been sent a few spur-of-the-moment logos and NFT requests for people simply because I was willing and there.    


Here’s another opportunity: Did you know that you can moderate a Discord or Telegram community for a project, answering questions and serving as a resource for participants on the forum. While some projects may not pay their moderators, don’t hesitate to be upfront in stating that you are expecting payment. I mean who wouldn’t want to be paid for their work.  

Often people will moderate several chats at once, which means there is no cap to the amount of money they can make. Again, like the community manager you want to be engaged in the chats to be considered for a moderator position. Often in noticing chats that need moderating, you can simply step in and start doing the job.  


Influencers are people who bring status to a community. They are important because of the strict rules on Twitter and Facebook against advertising crypto projects.  Influencers typically have a larger following or a very engaged audience allowing them to be successful in what they do.  

While acquiring followers can be easily done with large giveaways, an engaged community takes time to build.  Find something you can offer the community, start providing information they didn't have before, or even just find a way to be entertaining.  Build up your account and reputation and then people will start coming into your DMs offering you $$ to tweet for them.

Be sure to do your research on these projects before saying yes to them).    

There are scores of other positions throughout the space led by people with no formal education. Take me for example, I have no formal marketing training or experience but have landed several full-time jobs in CMO or Marketing Manager positions in my short 10 months in the crypto space.  

In conclusion, my advice for breaking into this space is to work your BUTT OFF. There’s no way around it. So be professional as you’ll find it appreciated in a space where it’s not the norm. Also, pick projects you love as it will be much easier to be excited about doing it when you already love the project.


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