Cash, Cards, and Crypto: The Best Wallet Options

Wallets are functional, yes, but they can also be beautiful. Though they are mainly designed to keep your money, credit cards and endless stacks of reward cards organized, it can be fun to find a wallet that stands out. 

Why not find a wallet (or two) that will show off your sense of style or your unique personality? Functionality and beauty can be happy companions, and these wallet ideas are great for adding some pizzazz or flair to your money. 

Colorful Wallet with Benefits

Fossil has a wallet that brings in a riot of color, sure to perk up any dreary day. After all, retail therapy is great for a pick-me-up, and this particular wallet is likely to cheer you up even more with its array of rainbow hues alone. It also features radio-frequency identification (RFID) blocking to protect your credit cards from unauthorized swiping. With space for 12 credit cards, this RFID protection is an excellent bonus.

Patterns Galore

If you love a good pattern or print, then ModCloth has the wallet for you. Are you into dinosaurs? They’ve got a wallet for that. How about raccoons? Yep, they’ve got a printed wallet for raccoon fanatics. Cat lovers will also feel a spark of joy every time they pull out their printed wallet with kitty cat silhouettes all over it. 

In addition to quirky patterns, the outside of the dino wallet features 80 percent cotton while the inside will keep your cards and cash neatly stowed.

Color-Changing Wallet

Amazon sells a wallet that actually changes color. The seller states that in typical lighting, the wallet takes on a darker grey appearance. However, if there’s brighter light, such as a camera flash, then the wallet transforms into a flashier version of itself with rainbow hues shining within the holographic material. At just $12.99, who wouldn’t want their very own chameleon wallet? This one also makes a fun gift idea.

Classic Leather

Okay, you may not be so comfortable with a flashy chameleon wallet or something with dinosaurs all over it. A leather wallet may be just what you’re looking for in this case. 

Portland Leather offers an ‘Almost Perfect’ wallet that really does look just about like perfection. This one boasts an accordion style so it has pockets for those people who really enjoy keeping their belongings and their cash in just the right place at all times. You can also choose from more than 12 different hues ranging from classic neutrals to deep cranberry red and light sky blue. 

Stealth Wallet

Sometimes, you just want to grab your phone and dash out the door--without the hassle of bringing along a purse or too many extra items that weigh you down. 

This stealthy wallet and phone case cleverly incorporates a hidden compartment that’s just right for secretly stashing a credit card or two. It comes in several color options and even has some heavy duty casing material for those who may be prone to dropping their phone here and there. 

Bitcoin Wallet

A list of awesome wallets would not be complete without providing a nod to bitcoin wallets. Put simply, bitcoin wallets allow you to keep all of your cryptocurrency in one digital spot, such as an app. Just like with traditional wallets for credit cards and cash, bitcoin wallet options abound. 

One of our picks comes from Exodus. This digital wallet features live charts and portfolios. Plus they even offer access to a real, live human 24 hours per day in case you run into something you need help with. 

For another excellent option, take a look at this wallet from Edge. They support multiple assets, including an easy exchange option to help you switch back and forth between different currencies as needed. 

Cash, Cards, and Crypto

Whether you’re in the market for a new wallet that holds your cash and card or you need something that’s a bit more cutting edge, these options will have you off to a great start. 

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