Blazing Hot Women’s Summer Fashion Trends

Anyone who remembers the 1990s probably has some mixed feelings about women’s fashion of that decade. To be sure, there were some questionable fads of the day. Remember pencil-thin eyebrows? How about frosty white eyeshadow (and lips)? 

Thankfully, those cringe-worthy fashion and beauty trends haven’t resurfaced this summer. (Though I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some version of them make a comeback one day.) However, there are some great fashion trends from the 90s popping up in this summer’s on-trend styles. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane as we explore summer’s fashion trends for women.

Bucket Hats

It’s hard to argue with a fashion icon like Vogue. And according to them, bucket hats are back this summer. These were practically a 1990s wardrobe staple back in the day. Today’s bucket hats feature knit or crochet materials in some bold patterns. 

Years ago I thought my blue and green tie-dye style bucket hat was the best thing ever. I’m not so sure that I’ll be jumping on board with this trend, but I know there are lots of fashionable ladies who can rock these hats!

Rectangular Sunglasses

Yet another throwback to the 90s makes an appearance in Vogue’s list of 2021 summer trends: rectangular sunglasses. These days, you can choose how bold and wild you want to go with your shades. Modern styles range from a more classic frame with black lenses and a tortoiseshell frame to neon green, ultra-thick plastic frames. The latter is perfect if you love both 80s and 90s fashion.

Square-Toed Shoes

As if bucket hats and rectangle sunglasses weren’t 90s-inspired enough for you, this summer’s trends also include square-toed sandals. While these were not invented in the 1990s, people sure seemed to love them back then. 

In 2021, there are even more options if you want to try out this trend. A quick online search turns up kitten-heeled sandals, flat sandals and a variety of slides--all boasting that square toe. 

Cropped Tops

Years ago, you couldn’t open up a fashion catalog (remember those?) without finding all sorts of crop tops on the models. In 2021, the same is true. Only instead of print magazines, we have online stores full of midriff-baring shirts. 

With the scorching-hot weather we’ve had so far this summer, crop tops do fit right in with summer 2021. 

Wide Leg Pants and Jeans

This trend pairs up perfectly with crop tops. Wide-leg silhouettes are definitely in this year. While they’re not quite as big and baggy as the JNCO jeans everyone wanted in the 1990s, they do evoke a similar sense of style.

Today’s wide-leg jeans come in varying lengths, so you can create a modern twist on a 1970s bell bottom vibe. Or choose a cropped wide-leg pant in breezy linen fabric for a summery look that’s also super comfortable. After more than a year at home in our sweatpants, this wide-leg trend is a great way to ease back into wearing ‘real’ pants.

Sports Bras

Speaking of comfortable styles to get us through the pandemic, another 2021 fashion trend revolves around sports bras. Bustle called this one earlier in the year, announcing they would be a trend for spring. And you may recall that some ladies rocked a similar trend in the 90s, including the hip-hop group TLC.

It’s now mid-summer and sports bras are still going strong, along with all things athleisure. The last year was rough, and sometimes those leggings and cozy sweats were the only things that got us through our Netflix marathons. (No judgment.)

Women’s Fashion Trends

Trends are an interesting subject to study. A lot of the women’s fashion trends in 2021 seem to contain at least a slight nod to the styles we rocked in the 1990s, with a bit of 1980s style thrown in here and there. 

These throwbacks with a modern twist can be a love-hate relationship for some. The great thing is that with the internet, we have access to so many clothing options. 

You can choose whether you want to rock summer’s trends or go with something a little less trendy thanks to online shopping. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to have access to retail stores in your town, you can always find some fresh options in local boutiques and even thrift stores.  

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