Wine, Warm Weather, and a Block Party

Wine is not just for savoring in the fall and winter. In fact, wine is just as good in warm weather as it is on cool, crisp autumn evenings. The key is to switch up your wine game a bit so that you have the right body and flavor for summer weather. 

And yes, it may be nearing the end of August, but that does not mean warm weather is on its way out. Depending on where you live, you might be lucky enough to get to enjoy milder temperatures all year long. Even if you’re in a region that experiences the change of seasons, you still have ample time to discover your new favorite type of wine for warmer days.

White Wines

If you’ve ever spent any time around wine at all, you have likely heard that white wine is the best wine for hot summer days. There are indeed many white wines that pair perfectly with a day drenched in gorgeous summer sunshine, and there are a few characteristics that you’ll want to look for in white wine.

First, you’ll want to pick out a bottle of white that’s higher in acidity, a bit drier, and has a lighter feel to it. If this sounds like Greek to you, just remember that acidity in a summery wine is a good thing--it makes it more vibrant. 

When you look for a dry wine, that means it’s generally not very sweet. Wines with a lighter body to them are generally a bit lower in alcohol content and even feel just a bit lighter on the tongue.

Try a Riesling if you’re just venturing into white wines. You can pick out something on the dry side but many sweet options exist if that’s more your style. Sauvignon blanc is another wonderful way to add white wine to your late summer repertoire. 

Red, Red Wine

I personally still enjoy a good glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, even in the summertime. However, not everyone is a diehard Cab fan. That’s why there are red wines such as Pinot Noir, which is just a bit lighter and refreshing. 

If you’re a fan of bubbly drinks, then you’ll want to get yourself a bottle of Lambrusco. It’s fun to say, and fun to drink! 

And if you opt for red wine, remember to go for higher acidity, just like with white wine. Reds that get better when they’re served cool are also a win for warm evenings, as that makes them even more refreshing. 

Rosé All Day

No summer wine roundup is complete without mentioning rosé. It’s basically a pink-hued glass of perfection that lands somewhere in the middle of white wine and red wine. In other words, it’s the best of both worlds. 

Try a Pinot Noir rosé if you’re someone who enjoys wines that aren’t quite so sweet.  If you prefer your wines on the sweet side, try a white Zinfandel. Yes, the name is misleading, but it really is a rosé.

Watch out for Knockoffs

If you’re considering a splurge on a warm-weather wine from an iconic vineyard, beware of the potential for low-quality wines to pose as high-ticket wines. Even in the winemaking world, knockoffs do exist. Up to 20 percent of wines that are sold as ‘premium’ might actually be fake, according to some experts.

Fortunately, blockchain technology is once again coming to the rescue with some impressive ways to track the authenticity of that pricey bottle of vino. Companies like Entrust/Enseal are harnessing the power of blockchain to give their consumers the peace of mind to know that their investment bottle of wine is actually the real deal.

End of Summer Sips

No matter whether you go with white, red, or rosé wine, you’re sure to enjoy sipping on a new favorite wine as you soak up the last few days of the summer. Here’s hoping we get a beautifully warm autumn, the better to savor those lighter, beautifully acidic glasses of wine!

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