What Is A Crypto Airdrop?

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Within an emerging market, the key to the survival of a new company, product, or service is getting noticed and gaining initial traction with a strong marketing campaign. 

For start-ups in the blockchain industry, competition is fierce. Changes are happening incredibly fast, and the ease of creating a new crypto coin can take as little as 5 minutes.  So how can a new currency stand out in the crowd of over 10,000 crypto coins?

In addition to traditional marketing efforts like social media campaigns, press releases, and white papers that provide important details about the project, Airdrops remains a popular promotional tactic designed to gain interest and quickly build a community of crypto enthusiasts.  The aim of a company airdrop campaign is to increase coin ownership while encouraging usage and trading activity.  

In simplest terms, to execute an Airdrop, the development team of a new cryptocurrency distributes their currency to wallet holders active in the blockchain community for free or in exchange for small tasks such as downloading their software, posting about the currency on social media forums, or signing up for an ICO.

For the company, Airdrops create micro-ambassadors for the emerging projects, who play a role in driving interest and value in the coin.  Airdrops benefit crypto enthusiasts as it’s a way of being in the know of emerging crypto coins that could have the potential to grow in value over time – earning free money all along the way.  

Keep in mind, there is no guarantee that the project will amount to any notable gain in value. But essentially nothing is lost as there is little to no effort required to claim these free coins.  

To find out about upcoming Airdrops, sign up for alerts with third-party trackers like airdrops.io/, Earn.com, Aidropalert.com or Airdropsmob.  Also, participate in cryptocurrency forums and visit project websites for airdrop release dates and important information on how to claim free coins.

How To Claim Free Coins

More often than not, signing up with an email address and a wallet address is all that’s needed to claim free coins.  However, each project has its specific requirements.

For example, airdrops often target users of select blockchain platforms and require those recipients to hold a cryptocurrency minimum to qualify for the free coins.  Some ask users to directly message the developer of the coin, providing their blockchain address to claim the coins.  Others reward free coins in exchange for posts, shares, and tweets on the cryptocurrency social media platforms.  There are also those looking to scale up their ambassador pool through a referral program. In other words, referring friends to sign-up in order to claim more coins.

What to Watch Out For

Just like with anything, scams reside where opportunities exist.  Watch out for pump-and-dump schemes, artificially inflation of the coin’s value in order to make a quick profit, dusting scams, or unsolicited deposits into one’s crypto wallets. 

For more information about Airdrops, visit Cryptocurrency Airdrops.

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