Just “A Bit” of Las Vegas

By Gabriel Negrin

Ah, Viva Las Vegas, right? Las Vegas is a hell of a destination. Its edgy vibe is unmatched. And it has everything you need: Good food, amazing shows, and lots of cool vibes.

But did you know that there are hotels in Vegas that accept Bitcoin?

There are two major hotels to look at: The D Las Vegas Casino Hotel and the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino. Both are located in downtown Las Vegas — the first-ever hotel properties in Las Vegas that began accepting bitcoin as a payment method. 

Bitcoin is accepted in five different places between the two properties, including the reception and the gift shop. Moreover, there are bitcoin ATMs throughout the property. Guests at the D will also be able to buy Detroit's legendary Coney Dogs at American Coney Island on the premises. 

Best Steaks On The Block

So, just picture this: Imagine being able to eat in a 5-star restaurant and pay with a 5-star payment method. You can do this at Joe Vicari's Andiamo Italian Steakhouse on the second floor of The D and pay with your bitcoin. You can also enjoy amazing desserts at The Crepe, or maybe a drink at Jalisco Cantina.

The Golden Gate Hotel: Vintage But Digital

The Golden Gate is the oldest hotel in Las Vegas, opening over a century ago in 1906. And they have always been a linchpin in that matter. The first-ever telephone in the city was installed in the hotel in 1907. It was only natural for them to adopt crypto.

In a perfect juxtaposition of old and new, Golden Gate's lobby is a place for bitcoin. You can admire the display case containing an authentic model of the 1907 Kellogg telephone while your payment is being processed.

The D Hotel: Fresh and Modern

But if vintage is not your thing, no need to worry, you can always stay at The D Hotel. It has a fresh, energetic attitude and fun atmosphere — the perfect vibe for life downtown. Derek and Greg Stevens created this hotel-casino to match the vibe of the Downtown Las Vegas Fremont Street Experience

Stevens is well known for hanging out at the casino’s bar to socialize with the customers. He said that several years back some of his patrons asked him if any of his properties accepted bitcoin. It was then that Stevens decided to incorporate the new technology in both properties — all thanks to his customers’ demand. 

How Bitcoin Payment Works

And to be fair, he couldn't be prouder of his casinos being the first to take bitcoin as payment. Downtown Las Vegas is a place for the tech — and they surely adapted. 

Bitcoin purchases are processed with BitPay. Tablets programmed with the service are installed in every cashier. This allows bitcoin enthusiasts to pay with their precious Sats. At The D, you can buy and sell bitcoin with the Robocoin ATM they have installed.

Other Places to Watch

The D and Golden Gate aren’t the only places in Las Vegas where you can get services paying with bitcoin. You can go get a new haircut at Go Tzigane Hair Studio. Or why not go with friends and enjoy your time at Dram Racing? They have some of the most beautiful sports cars in the city.

And hopefully, you don't need it, but if you get in trouble in Sin City, Lawyers Plus' got your back, a full-service law firm. 

In the end, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, including your spent bitcoin. 

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