BLOCKRATING™ Announces strategic partnership with MXC exchange

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Gokhshtein Media’s BlockRating enables verification of teams and projects in the blockchain industry to validate consumer confidence through data reports.

NEW YORK CITY, NY, USA – December 18, 2020
Gokhshtein Media 
(, launches new division; Blockrating™ which today announced a strategic partnership with MXC, the first digital exchange to host project validation ratings. Blockrating™ will officially launch in Q1 2021.

Through a review of projects in the blockchain industry, cryptocurrencies, data providers, oracles, exchanges and digital wallet services will be given a Blockrating™. The Blockrating™ will assist users in their choices of the best products to use and invest in.

Blockrating™ will make validated information available to local authorities in the event of local laws being broken, giving investors peace of mind using high rated projects within Blockrating™.

David Gokhshtein – CEO of Gokhshtein Media commented, “It’s incredible that MXC has taken the step with us to make sure that the crypto community knows exactly what they are investing into. The blockchain industry needs Blockrating, which is why we created it. Waiting for governments to create local regulations is too slow, so we side-stepped the world to ensure innovation continues.”

Katherine Deng – Vice President of MXC commented, “The cryptocurrency industry has lacked the necessary transparency to achieve mainstream adoption. With the help of Blockrating™, all of our users will be able to invest and achieve peace of mind. Having direct access to the necessary information to make well-informed decisions is crucial. This partnership is a big step forward for the industry as a whole.”

For more information or to join the waiting list for a Blockrating™, you may e-mail:


GOKHSHTEIN MEDIA ( is blockchain and lifestyle media network, which provides free information to the world in news, articles, podcasts, videos and other content.


BLOCKRATING™ is a division of Gokhshtein Media, providing verified data in the blockchain industry about businesses, owners and those in control of liquidity pools of digital assets.


MXC ( is a blockchain trading platform that provides users with safer, more convenient and intelligent blockchain asset circulation services. MXC users are located around the world in over 70 countries and regions.

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