A Leap Into The Crypto Ocean: Feature Interview With Ansylla Ramsey

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Interview with Ansylla Ramsey, founder of CryptoRightQuick

The global crypto market is soaring to meteoric heights. Yet, many remain apprehensive about jumping in and capitalizing on the abundant opportunities it offers. 

North Carolinian Ansylla Ramsey knows what this fear of the unknown looks like. Now having created a footprint in this nascent space, she is sharing her journey with others throughout the world. 

In an exclusive interview with Gokhshtein Media, Ramsey shares a few thoughts about her path into the crypto constellation and why others should consider taking the leap. 

You began your professional career in corporate America. What was that like? 

After 9 years in corporate America, I realized that this sort of environment simply was not for me. I wanted more control of my time and really didn’t like being told when I could take a vacation or being subjected to biased employee evaluations. I thought opening my own business would be the best – or maybe even the only – option.

So where did these thoughts take you? 

I opened a natural hair salon which did give me more freedom in a sense. I could set my own schedule and dictate my own life. It was a nice feeling to know that my time was no longer controlled by my employer, but rather by my appointment book.

But as a business owner, I began to discover that I was essentially working ALL THE TIME. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed being a natural stylist and international educator for many years. I had the privilege of teaching around the US, in the UK, France, and Spain and meeting a number of incredible people. But my quest for time freedom continued.

What did you learn from this? 

That wanted to do something different. But the question in the back of my mind was “what would I do?”  I had absolutely no desire to get a job after being a business owner for 17 years. I didn’t realize how desperately I wanted to do something different until June 2017. I had a panic attack while styling a client because I felt trapped. The pivotal decision to close my salon in November 2017 was made that very day.

Wow, that was bold. So what came next? 

On my quest for freedom, I tried several different opportunities. One that piqued my interest was cryptocurrency. I was fascinated by what I began to learn. And the rest was history. 

What has been the biggest surprise for you in terms of your personal experiences with crypto?

At first, I began to acquire small amounts of crypto to HODL because I thought that’s all I could do. Trading wasn’t particularly appealing. However, learning about smart contracts and earning altcoins passively has been life-changing. Receiving crypto income passively every single day has been absolutely phenomenal!

Describe a few of the misconceptions you hear from people about the crypto world.

The ultimate FUD response I hear is “Cryptocurrency is a scam.” So many are simply misinformed. As is often the case when something is new and unfamiliar, there is the fear of the unknown.

Are there scammers in the crypto space? Yes. Just as there are scammers in any financial space. But cryptocurrency itself is not a scam. That is why it is important to learn the fundamentals. When you have a good understanding of the basics, you can better avoid questionable offers.

What else do you hear from newbies? 

“I don’t have $20K + to buy an entire bitcoin.” What I share with them is that it’s not necessary to purchase a whole bitcoin. So you can get into the crypto space for a lot less than $20K. You can start with whatever amount of cash you are comfortable with.

And here’s something else I hear: “It’s too late to get into Bitcoin.”  Since the terms Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are often used interchangeably, the options available for altcoins are less known. It’s not a Bitcoin or nothing scenario. There are other viable options to get into the crypto space while it’s still early in the game.

Finally, I hear people complain that “Crypto is too risky.” Of course, there is some risk getting into crypto, just as with any financial endeavor. If you decide to get into crypto, never use more money than you can afford to lose. (That said, I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. LOL)

Please share a bit about your crypto business interests as well as your work in helping underrepresented people gain access to the crypto space.

As I began to educate myself, I found that there was a lot of technical info available about crypto and blockchain, but less practical information. So I created a simple online fundamentals course for those who are less interested in the inner workings of crypto, but want to learn and earn crypto fast: I named my business CryptoRightQuick.com.

Before creating CryptoRightQuick.com, I offered a 4-week course called “Crypto for the Community.”  My heartfelt aim is to share what I am learning with people, particularly those throughout the African diaspora, to help them see the potential that cryptocurrency offers. I believe this is especially important now, with so many facing financial challenges.  Cryptocurrency platforms are emerging as a proven way to get additional income using a small amount of cash with minimal effort. 

One of my slogans is: They say, “Spend less than you earn.” I say, “Earn more than you spend.” Unleash your earning potential.

What 2-3 trends do you believe we’ll see as it relates to crypto in 2021. And how do you believe the pandemic will impact interest in crypto over the short and long-run?

I had the privilege of moderating a panel discussion during the Nigeria FinTech Week virtual event, and during that event, I learned a lot about Central Bank Digital Currencies. CBDCs could definitely change the crypto world and shift the balance of economic power.

My personal favorite, decentralized finance (DeFi), has become one of the more prominent trends in recent months. This sector has grown at a breakneck pace and offers exciting and affordable opportunities.

It seems that the pandemic has moved many to be open to unconventional financial options. I think that as more people get involved in the right cryptocurrency opportunities and see the financial benefits, they will stay engaged for the long term.

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