How Technology Makes Wine Even Better

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Technology these days is advancing at an almost mind-blowing pace. It brings myriad benefits to virtually every industry out there. Interestingly enough, that even includes the wine industry. 

Wine is changing in a variety of ways, thanks in part to clever usage of technology. Everything from relatively simple websites to more advanced blockchain technology  is being deployed to deliver a better-tasting, or at least more convenient, glass of wine. 

Take a moment now and grab your favorite red or white to sip on while we explore some of the surprising ways technology is making wine even better.

Buying Wine is Easier 

Now more than ever, it’s incredibly convenient to buy wine online. Consumers today have more ways to shop for their favorite wines on the internet. We can even read ratings and reviews to help discover new and delicious varieties. 

Apps such as Vivino allow their customers to rate the wines they purchase. This is a huge benefit for those newer to the joys of wine, as it allows Amazon-style ratings and reviews from average people. Fluency in wine jargon isn’t necessary to enjoy quality wine these days—simply read the reviews for some guidance in choosing your next bottle.

Creating Wine Community

Websites such as Naked Wines have created community around wine by focusing on independent winemakers. Stocking their virtual shelves with wines from smaller, lesser-known vineyards gives their consumers a chance to explore new tastes. Wine buffs can even connect with the winemakers themselves via Naked Wines. 

This option might be most fun for tech-savvy wine connoisseurs who want to learn more about who makes their wine. It’s also just plain fun for those curious folks who enjoy discovering the story behind the beverages they are consuming.

Wine as an Investment

Wine can even be readily considered as part of an investment portfolio. Even people with less experience in choosing fine wines can now enjoy investing in them with the help of companies like Vinovest

This particular website uses artificial intelligence to supplement advice from professional sommeliers, assisting investors in choosing a vintage that suits their portfolio. Vinovest even insures and stores wines for their patrons. This could be a promising avenue for those who want to explore more non-traditional investment options.

Support Local with Curbside Options

Supporting local businesses is perhaps more important than ever. Local liquor stores are also hopping aboard the technology movement by adding online convenience for customers. Many liquor stores now allow you to shop for wine on their website and pick it up later. 

With online ordering and curbside pickup, you won’t even have to leave your vehicle to stock up on your favorite wine. Simply make your selections online, drive to the store and have your wine loaded right into your vehicle.

Better-Tasting Wine with Blockchain

At first glance, wine and blockchain may not seem to mesh. However, blockchain advances have improved wine—and that’s no exaggeration. The new VinAssure from eProvenance service utilizes blockchain to improve the quality of wine as it travels from the winemaker to the consumer. 

Plenty of data gets collected as the wine travels, ensuring that temperature and general conditions are where they need to be to protect the quality of the wine. Consumers of fine wines often have discerning palates, and this clever use of technology helps to make sure each bottle gets delivered without sacrificing an ounce of taste due to unfavorable shipping conditions. 

Consumers also have the option to learn more about who made the wine and what type of farming practices the winery practices, thanks to convenient QR codes supplied by the company. 

Better Wine Through Technology

Whether people choose to buy wine to drink or to invest in, technology offers added convenience and even improved taste for consumers. Wine lovers everywhere have more opportunity to access new and exciting wines thanks to technology. 

We’ll drink to that!

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