FD7 Venture’s New Bold Prediction

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By Jim Duffy

Last week we broke the news this week that FD7 Ventures is investing $750M into Cardano and Polkadot. On the heels of this, the Dubai-based investment fund has now made a bold and powerful prediction on the price of both Cardano and Polkadot.  And while these have created headlines, it is the story beneath them that makes this even more exciting. 

FD7 is suggesting that we could see a sticker price of $20 for Cardano and $700 for Polkadot within the next two to three years. That represents a 20x gain on current prices. They have also highlighted Ethereum as a potential winner.  

These are remarkable parabolic numbers that has both project communities rubbing their hands together in optimism. 

Says FD7 Managing Partner, Prakash Chand: “The potential for these two projects along with Ethereum to change the way that the world does business is massive.”  

He further added that he believes that Elon Musk’s Tesla will eventually move funds to ETH, DOT and ADA, the coin names for each of these respective projects.  

While these investments and comments are welcome to all communities, it is the context behind FD7’s comments that create an even more powerful paradigm shift away from just Bitcoin.  Fellow FD7 Managing Partner, Q Dhalla offered this thought:

“I am getting calls from institutional investors who weren’t even aware of Cardano and its ADA token, but are expressing interest.” 

Smart money breeds smart money and it seems that institutional investors across the globe are waking up to the potential gains in blockchain investment over the next decade. 

There is a definite vibe these days within the cryptocurrency community that projects are being taken seriously for their real world use cases.  The competition is heating up and the starting gun for the race into institutional investment and outwitting Bitcoin is just beginning….

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